Architecture & Urban Design

Architecture & Urban Design is about creating spaces for people. Our focus is on the process of shaping and no matter if your desire is to design cities, urban spaces, or buildings the approach will be the same. Humans are the central point and the beginning of every project. At DSDH you will get loads of practical tools to help you develop your ideas. Your knowledge of architecture and Urban Design will expand and you’ll learn how to visualize your suggestions; with a pencil in your hand and with your fingers on the keyboard of your computer.


At Architecture & Urban Design we enjoy being seduced by spatial experiences, architectonic constructions, and life between the houses. We create, draw, and build original shapes, spaces, buildings, cities, and now and again we go all in and build entirely new worlds. During the course you will feel captivated and dedicated and probably also revolted and bewildered now and again. The common nominator, however, for your many meetings with architecture is that they are going to inspire you and provide clarity about which path to choose. AtArchitecture & Urban Design you will grow wiser and get to know more about yourself and the world through your meeting with architecture. Your critical outlook will be reinforced and you will learn how to understand and analyze the architecture around you. You’ll learn how to develop and visualize your ideasin the form of crunchy architectural models in cardboard and wooden moldings, in the woodshop, by the foam-cutter, and with a pen in hand. 
We have space for you regardless of your initial qualifications when you first attend DSDH. We strive to propose projects that will challenge you at your current level. Taking pleasure in playing with shapes and functionality, late nights in the design studio hall, strong coffee, and community are obviously not strict demands, but they will quickly come to feel like a natural part of everyday life at Architecture & Urban Design.

We strive to increase your knowledge of materials, shapes, and the history behind the existing and thereby enable you to come up with original ideas and transform them into solutions that make the world a better and more beautiful place everything you are going to need if you are considering applying to one of the architectural or design-related educations in Denmark. And by the time you leave us you will have learned how to make presentation material that stands out, so that your portfolio sparkles and will strike up interest.


Semester Start
Spring and Fall
24 Weeks (Spring) — 20 Weeks (Fall)
Workshop. You get your own workspace where you can settle in as you please.

Teaching method

At Architecture & Urban Design you will take part in everyday life in a vibrant design studio hall. With lots of creative energy and space to spread out your thoughts and ideasliterally and figuratively.You will have plenty of chances to make use of your curiosity and reinforce your ability to let loose your thoughts. You will receive plenty of guidance from your teachers – the regular teachers as well as the guest lecturers, who frequently stop by the school to host prolific and instructive workshops.

You will get your own steady workstation where you can reign, draw, sketch, andbuild models. Most of the projects you do will begin with in-depth research andidea development; working with sketches as a primary tool. You will get to work with models quick hand drawn sketch models and the more precise presentation models, which you build out of cardboard or let grow on your screen. Your teachers will offer you plenty of help and guidance along the way, so that you become proficient in the numerous kinds of model techniques.

Most of the teaching is project-based. This means that you will work – either alone or in a small groups – with assignments; typically you will have one or two weeks to solve them. Be prepared to miss out on sleep. Zeal, enthusiasm, and hard work will get you far and late, lively evenings at the design studio hall until long after ordinary office hours are the rule rather than the exception.

As part of the program at Architecture & Urban Design you will be using our new well-equipped workshop, which contains everything from smaller handheld tools to the large cutting machines. Naturally, we’ll give you a thorough introduction to the entire workshop when you dive into your stay here. We end all projects with agroup review; you will do a presentation of your project and share your thoughts and considerations in the work process with the others in your class.


For 3 weeks of every semester you can choose between various subjects that will complement your professional design process and develop your creative potential. The range of electives change from semester to semester it could be topics such as photo, painting, ceramics, choir song, animation, parkour, creative writing, illustration, rhythmical ensemble, or lessons in useful computer programs that we don’t have to time to get into during the busy everyday life at the main study programs.

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