Furniture, Interior & Product design

At Furniture, Interior & Product design we are convinced that play and experimenting is the foundation of striking design. Excellent thoughts appear in our hands and grow into life in our heads – not the other way around. You will work broadly within the various areas of design – from drawing furniture over home décor and classical product design to project assignments with a freer conceptual or sculptural and artistic angle.


Do you miss the magic that occurs when an idea materializes between your hands and becomes reality? Are you looking for a place to use your hands as well as your head in everyday life? Where learning new skills is driven by your creative urge? Do you have a head full of ideas that you long to turn into reality? Or are you dreaming of learning how to even come up with an idea? Do you love to build things? Are you curious about the world and everything we surround ourselves with in our everyday lives? Do you want to reach the core of your creative potential andshow it full attention? Or are you yearning to contribute to solving some of the challenges the world is facing today?

At Furniture, Interior & Product design we are curious about the world, each other,and everything surrounding us. We think about sustainability – universally and at a human level. We need to look after our planet and look out for each other through mutual respect. We strive to propose assignments that will challenge you regardless of your initial qualifications when you attend DSDH. You will learn to develop and visualize your ideaswith pen and paper, in the foundry, and in our well-equipped woodshop. We emphasize the practical side of the profession as highly as the conceptual and you will spend a considerable amount of time in our workshops with rich opportunity to work and try out various techniques and tools everything you are going to need if you are considering applying to one of the architectural or design-related educations in Denmark. And by the time you leave us you will have learned how to make presentation material that stands out so that your portfolio sparkles and will strike up interest.


Semester Start
Spring and Fall
24 Weeks (Spring) — 20 Weeks (Fall)
Home sweet home. You’ll get your own desk to decorate exactly as you please.

Teaching Method

At Furniture, Interior & Product design you will be based in a lofty hall with lots of space to spread out your ideas. You get your own permanent workspace where you can draw, sketch, and build models. Most projects begin with in-depth researchand idea development. You will have plenty of chances to make use of your curiosity and reinforce your ability to let your thoughts run wild. You will receive lots of guidance from your teachers – the regular teachers as well as the guest lecturers who frequently stop by the school to host prolific and instructiveworkshops. The other students at Furniture, Interior & Product design will also inspire you and you’ll take part in an energetic everyday life full of discussions that will push you to evolve professionally and personally and refine your sense of how to reach good solutions.

You will learn how to sketch your ideas in 2D and 3D, and as part of the program you will be offered a special drawing course in the use of markers and a particular technique used in design and architecture for shading and describing soft, organic shapes. You will also make use of our new workshop 
– the smaller tools as well as the larger machines. You will of course get a thorough introduction to the totality of the workshops in the beginning of your stay.

At Furniture, Interior & Product design we usually work with a direct approach to the projects. This means you will work with furniture, lamps, and spatial installations in full size. You will obtain a broad knowledge of materials while working with cardboard, wood, plastic, foam, clay, concrete, plaster, and more.

We end all projects with a group review; you will do a presentation of your project and share your thoughts and considerations in the work process with the others in your class. You will receive in-depth feedback on the end result from your teachers as well as from the other students at Furniture, Interior & Product design.


For 3 weeks of every semester you can choose between various subjects that will complement your professional design process and develop your creative potential. The range of electives change from semester to semester it could be topics such as photo, painting, ceramics, choir song, animation, parkour, creative writing, illustration, rhythmical ensemble, or lessons in useful computer programs that we don’t have to time to get into during the busy everyday life at the main study programs.

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