Progress is about jumping headfirst into challenges and making yourself accessible to whatever you meet on your way. At DSDH we cherish an open, honest, and unprejudiced working environment. You will learn how to phrase your opinions and argue for the quality of your viewpoints. We aim towards creating a strong social, and creative atmosphere where everyone feels safe enough to go with their gut feeling, take a chance, and venture out on thin ice; where we truly grow wise and learn new things. About ourselves. And the world we inhabit.

Teaching method

Weekly schedule

We have structured the teaching around the four main study programs: Visual Communication, Fashion & Textile design, Architecture & Urban Design, and Furniture, Interior & Product design. As it appears in the weekly schedule most of the classes take place within the main study programs, and in principle you will be working together with your co-students of the same profession Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Every Wednesday morning and eveningis reserved for gaining perspectives and complementing your main profession with new insights. During each semester we have three weeks of electives; you will get to choose from a wide range of subjects. Furthermore, we have a one-week study trip and occasionally we merge and crisscross the four study programs for interdisciplinary processes.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:30 Class Class Cleaning Class Class
10:00 Break Break Break Break
10:30 Class Class Class Class
12:00 Assembly Assembly Assembly Lunch
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch fri
13:00 Break Break Spare time Break Class
14:00 Class Class Class
Spare time
15:30 Spare time Spare time Spare time
18:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
19:30 Spare time Spare time Vision-evening Spare time Spare time


At DSDH we are not only concerned with formal obligations. We put a tremendous amount of care into creating the best possible stay for all of our students, and in our experience absence disrupts the teaching as well as the sense of community.  Which is why attendance is compulsory for lessons, joint assignments, school meetings, and lectures.



New playmates are not only a benefit in life. We believe that meetings with other people open new perspectives and boost inspiration. During your stay at DSDH you will have several options to collaborate with others across the study program divisions. Interdisciplinary meetings have great value – professionally as well as socially.

New people, new meetings, new ideas, new goals. We are pretty keen on collaborative crossovers.


Wednesday is vision-day. Once a week talented and interesting people will broaden your perspective with new input from the outside world. Mostly, they will give inspiring and diverse talks concerning topics such as art, photography, foodand health, political commentary, sexologist musings, philosophy, and of coursevisual communication, architecture, fashion, and design.

The exact talks vary from course to course, but at DSDH you are constantly in risk of learning something new. Occasionally the oral lectures will be replaced byworkshops, dance, yoga, meditation, or something else entirely. In the evening other subject matters will be presented; providing new insights and adding additional layers to your view on the world. These could be in the form of filmclubs, musical concerts, or literary evenings. Sometimes we have a school meeting and take up suggestions and everyday topics for crossover discussion between the different classes.

Study trips

We can’t tell you beforehand where we will be headed this year, but we promise it will be an experience very far from the inane city breaks of mass tourism. We have lots of excellent contacts within trending design studios, drawing studios, and galleries who will happily open their doors to us and show us their work. An option you wouldn’t get if you were traveling solo.

We know the city well and we can find our way to wacky buildings, offbeatcourtyards, good coffee shops, quirky theaters, creative workshops, and all the interesting underground environments.

Student counseling

Before your stay at DSDH you choose one of the four main study programs of the school. Each program has a minimum of one permanent teacher who will follow you during your entire stay. This means you’ll have one teacher who knows youwell and has a profound understanding of how you can develop and gain as much as possible from your stay. This blend of personal and professional insight enables your teacher to provide qualified counseling and guidance.

Not everyone knows what they want when they begin their stay at DSDH, and if you are among those who hasn’t decided on a specific education yet to pursue after your stay with us; your counseling will focus mainly on clarification. You and your teacher will attempt to pinpoint your interests and map your weaknesses and strengths.

If you have already made up your mind and are certain that you want to apply to one of the architectural or design-related educations, your counseling will focus intently on preparing you and getting you through the eye of the needle to your dream education. Many of our students choose to apply to one of the architectural or design-related educations in Denmark after finishing at DSDH and most of them are admitted. Others have discovered that they don’t wish to pursue a creative career. And finally, there are those who begin the education they had planned beforehand.