A stay at a Folk High School is a lifetime experience. You have probably heard so before. But like most clichés people have good reason to repeat them over and over again. A stay at a Folk High School really is a lifetime experience. At Scandinavian Design College you will meet new people and make new friends. You will grow wiser and expand your insight - about yourself and about other people.

Room for everyone

You are the starting point

We are convinced that every person has potential. And we have the time, the will,and the space to help all of our students fulfill this very potential; those who wish to try out their skills within the creative disciplines, those who are on leave to attendthe Folk High School looking for new challenges or a change of scenery and a fresh perspective on everything, and those who wish to qualify for one of the sought-after educations within the creative field. 
At DSDH you are the center and the starting point regardless of your professional level. We will embrace you whether you are from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, or anywhere else in the world. The main language is Danish but we are happy to translate into English if necessary.

Friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our surroundings

DSDH is beautifully situated in the countryside between Aarhus and Randers. Surrounded to all sides by fields and forest. The school was founded in 2000 by a group of enthusiastic and ambitious people who felt that we needed a place in Denmark where fashion, architecture, and graphic design could reside under the same roof.

Today we have more than 6000 creative square meters at our disposal and our workshops are open 24/7. There is a moat in our backyard with dragonflies andbuzzing bees in the summer months and ice skating and leafless chestnut trees when the winter frost breaks in. It’s not for no reason that both faculty and students are crazy about the surroundings of the school.


At DSDH we believe in life after lessons. We know from experience that our students need to be able to cast aside work, catch their breath, unwind, and engage socially. Regardless whether you choose to stay half or a full year at the Folk High School; there’s more to life than design at DSDH.


It is important to be able to let go of your pencil, switch off your computer, put down your scissors, and let loose with your new friends. Our students have a reputation of putting together fabulous parties –from weddings to techno raves tobad taste parties. Bring along your smoking or tweed suit, your stilettos and longhaired wigs, your floral vintage dress or a pair of platforms from the 60s.

The school also has a well-stocked student bar which is open during weekends. Please, bring your favorite recipes for cocktail hour and long drinks.


Everyday life at DSDH is packed with lessons and other demanding activities. Most days are crammed with action, and it takes a healthy lifestyle to stay focused and tobring about a surplus of energy while achieving your goals.We believe in a clear connection between physical activity and creative energy; therefore, our environments entice long walks, challenging runs, and bike rides on the rural highway and in the forests surrounding the school.

You can also take advantage of our gym which is furnished with the most important equipment for weight training to keep your body healthy and strong. If you need supervision several of the staff members have years of experience with weight training and cross fit.



Food is not just about feeling full. Ideally the experience of eating leaves an impactand makes your taste buds happy and content. At DSDH we have a 24-hour open kitchen serving spicy fusion dishes, innovative vegetarian food, Danish classics,and meals inspired by gastronomic traditions from all over the world. The kitchen stays open after the staff goes home – out of consideration for snackers and hardworking night owls.