Prices and dates



2024 Spring term 24 weeks: 07.01.2024 – 22.06.2024

2024 Fall term 20 weeks: 04.08.2024 – 21.12.2024


2025 Spring term 24 weeks: 08.01.2025 – 24.06.2025

2025 Fall term 20 weeks: 03.08.2025 – 20.12.2025



If you want to attend the college for 36 or 44 weeks, you can choose both Fall and Spring.


Price per week

Double room: 2.100 DKK ( from 01.01.2025 2.150 DKK )
Double room w. bathroom (+ 250 DKK): 2.350 DKK ( from 01.01.2025 2.400 DKK )
Single room (+ 250 DKK): 2.350 DKK ( from 01.01.2025 2.400 DKK )
Day student: 1.450 DKK

The price includes

The price includes education, board and lodging (day students no accommodation).

Other expenses

Enrollment fee: 2.000 DKK. The fee includes a room deposit of 300 DKK. which will be refunded when you leave the school. If you choose a 44 weeks course you must apply to both fall term and spring term. Education material: approx. 2.800 DKK. Study trip in fall semester: 5.000 DKK. Study trip + excursion in spring semester: 5.000 DKK.

Grants and support

Students from the Nordic countries can apply for grants/loans from their home countries through various support schemes. The school will on demand make letters of confirmation. There are also grants available for students coming from Southern Jutland and Schleswig. Some counties support courses at folkehøjskoler. Call us and and get some more info.



At The Scandinavian Design College we have a FFD-trained mentor. The concept of Mentor Support is an offer for young students aging from 17,5 to 25 years who need extra clarification and stimulating support in order to start a competent youth education. In every case of mentoring programs there will be individually adjusted guidance focused on the the main needs. The first step for the student is to work out a plan of study including mentor support in cooperation with an UU-instructor/guide. UU-plan must be sent to design college before start.

Cancellation etc.

We reserve the right to increase prices and to make minor changes in the selection of optional subjects offered. Your registration is valid when you have been informed by the school that you are admitted AND your registration fee has been paid. NB: If you change plans and decide NOT to start, please inform us asap. If you sign out more than 4 weeks before the start of the course your admission fee is paid back deducted an administration fee of 700 DKK. If you sign out less than 4 weeks before the start of the course your admission fee is due + 4 weeks payment (approx. 8.400 DKK.). If you decide to stop your stay, you must pay for the week in which you leave plus an additional 4 weeks. If there is less than one and a half month to the study trip this must also be paid.

Give us a call at +45 8644 8044. Or, if possible, drop by and discuss your wishes and dreams with us.