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Graphic Design

Great graphic design
is as stimulating
as black coffee

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Graphic design is print and design for digital media, animations for the web as well as book covers, CD covers, illustration, photos, pictograms, logos and artistic projects mixing media and functions.

You will get an understanding of visual media, typography, layout, composition, shape, colour and materials. Adobe’s Creative Suite program package is widely used in the tuition. You will learn to research, analyse and develop your ideas, and you will acquire the tools necessary to turn them into actual visual products.

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Learn more about what to expect if you choose Graphic Design as your main subject.

NorthSide 17

We have been working large scale and designed decoration for the NorthSide festival. The reward was 3 days in the company of Radiohead, Frank Ocean, MØ, The Prodigyp and the rest of them.


A study of nature and culture in our nearby sourindings. The observations were transformed into these find ink illustrations.


– of things that surround us in our everyday life.

Come Play With Me

The graphic design students have been working with papercut and hidden identities.

Hot off the Press

22 graphic posters about almost everything under the sun.

Postage Stamps

20 by 23 mm is all one gets, when the job is to design a postage stamp with a tribute to a typeface. The first part of the assignment was to examine the characteristics of the individual typefaces. Finally the essense of this research should be communicated on a postage stamp

All That Swing

One can never get enough of fluorescent paint when the goal is to design an electro swing party.

Swing – The Movie

You are invited to join the graphic electro swing party.

Ex Libris

An Ex Libris is a small decorative label pasted into a book, to indicate its owner.

Made in Adobe Illustrator, lasercut in rubber – the graphic design students have designed their very own bookplate.

Train ride

The graphic design students have staged a train ride through the industrial revolution

10 1

Type design might be a bit nerdy, but the graphic design students is definitely not afraid of a challange. The assigment was to design numbert for uniforms for the paralympics. The style was inspired by movements in different sports for handicapped.


– is crucial for a good design process. We have studied the essens of it, and designed objects that are meant to arouse people’s curiosity

Personal Data

– transformed into cool posters by the graphic design students.

Ink, Paper, Waste

The graphic design students have enjoyed a week of making books out of whatever was at hand.

Admission assignment Design Schools ’16

This year the theme was ‘growth’. We spent 2 weeks of investigations into curling children, shadows, surveillance, weed, breaking habits and much more.


Tell me your story, give me your snapshots and I’ll write your autobiography.

UN – selfie

We all know the word: Selfie

But what is the opposite: Un-selfie?

There is not a clear definition – so at Graphic Design and Furniture, Interior & Product Design we decided to make a project to investigate the subject. The purpose was to come up with a comment, a product, a provocation something that could somehow challenge the selfie culture and turn the focus around. That resulted in a wide variety of projects from actual products to campaigns.

Staging it Qblique

Inspired by four random words, the graphic design students have been staging small stories written by themselves. The challenge was to make it so obscure, that the audience wouldn’t understand much – but still so recognizable, that they would start wondering and be curious. After the final presentation all at the school partied all night long on the stages.


What makes a man a man, and a woman a woman? The graphic design students have been designing pictograms inspired by growth, sound, play, movement, time and communication.