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Weekly Schedule

This is what a
week looks like in overview,
unless we change it ...

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Our teaching is focusing on four main design lines: Graphic Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Architecture and Urban Design, Furniture, Interior and Product Design, so before you start school, you must choose one of them.

All four lines are teaching skills that belong to the profession, however all tasks are based on broad general discussions and proper perspectives.

Today, designers and architects are concerned with much more than aesthetic objects and as a designer or architect you need to have done some thinking and have participated in discussions of philosophical, psychological, cultural, historical, political, social or scientific nature. This happens while the tasks are presented – in group discussions, during lectures or gatherings, and in all teacher-student tutorials during the course. In this way we ensure the basis of relevant and meaningful solutions.

As it appears in the schedule, most of the week – except wednesday – is spent in the main design lines, and as mentioned teaching is founded on a mixture of skill training and exercises of a broad general nature.

Wednesday morning and evening hours are specifically devoted to perspectives, and thus inspiring you to consider solutions to the tasks given. More information on that here.

During a semester, we have three weeks of optional subjects. You can choose from a variety of subjects: In addition we spend a week or so on a study trip abroad and sometimes we all join in shared workshops.