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Fitness and health

Healthy food and exercise
enhance your
creative energy

Everyday life at the Scandinavian Design College is filled with classes and activities.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is key to staying focused and maintaining a certain drive – since there is a connection between physical activity and creative energy.

Our surroundings are ideal for spectacular walks, running and cycling. You can also use our fitness room with all the essential machines for circuit training. Some of our teachers are also ready to offer inspiration and guidance based on their years of experience within bodybuilding, triathlon and crossfit.

Fitness and health are also represented in our classes. We offer lectures and workshops on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness instructors, runners, yoga instructors, psychologists, lifestyle experts and leading scientists studying the mechanisms of stress are among the speakers and facilitators.

Healthy and delicious food is a matter of course. Our kitchen staff study food trends closely and give priority to flavour, balance, variation and as many organic ingredients as possible.