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Study guidance

Our study guidance
always takes your
situation into account.

Before your course begins, you choose your favourite main subject. Each of the four lines of design has associated with at least one permanent teacher following you throughout your stay, and thus gaining a personal knowledge of you. In addition, subject teachers at the school are highly competent and updated, especially in the creative world. The connection between the personal knowledge of you and the teacher’s professional skills, we consider crucial to a qualified study guidance. At the beginning of your stay, the teacher and you have a small talk where questions are clarified as to why you have chosen a design college, what are your future plans and what training you aspire. Subsequently the teacher´s instructions are given continually, and when your need is there. If you are not yet clarified about the choice of study, the guidelines will mainly consist of a dialogue between you and your teacher. Together you will identify your personal general interests –  your strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is your guidance when you eventually choose study. If you wish information on specific programs, you will experience that Students´ Information Offices can help. If you are considering a design education, but do not yet know the options, your teacher’s knowledge of the specific programs that exist and the job opportunities will perfect your choise. Together you want to clarify what training is best for you and which specific school you might want to apply. Furthermore focus will be on what  skills you need to build up to get access to your favourite study. If you are feel completely sure and want admission to one of the architect or design schools the guidance is very focused on you percieving the skills needed to get in. In addition, teachers focus on the basics, that they know are benefitting you. Do you have entirely different needs or wants, we can always advice you where to go. During your stay you will also meet all sorts of people who have combined their educational and professional careers in their own way, which hopefully will inspire you in your choice of study in general. Life after Scandinavian Design College So many are looking forward to architectural and design schools – and get in. Others have been clarified, and do not recognize a future in the design world. So they commence an education planned in advance, such as medical studies, engineering or something entirely different.