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Furniture, Interior & Product Design

We design stuff
that is comfortable to hold
and that comfortably holds us

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We believe that a playful approach is the basis for all interesting design, the good ideas come along the hands-on process and then develop further in our mind – and not the other way round.
The main focus will be furniture, interior and product design, with some tasks focusing on conceptual or sculptural artistic approaches.
The most of the projects will be designed in a 1:1 scale. Therefore, we will put a high emphasis on both the practical approach to the subject and on the conceptual approach. This is why we will spend a lot of time in the workshop on developing sketch models, mock-ups and prototypes.
You will learn to develop ideas and visualise them both by sketching, using computer and through model. Additionally, along the learning process you will get many opportunities to work with and try a wide range of different techniques and tools.

Come on in

Learn more about what to expect if you choose Furniture, Interior & Product Design as your main subject.

Choo Choo

Architecture & Urban Design has together with Furniture, Interior & Product Design been on a epic train journey into a parallel Univers

UN – selfie

We all know the word: Selfie

But what is the opposite: Un-selfie?

There is not a clear definition – so at Graphic Design and Furniture, Interior & Product Design we decided to make a project to investigate the subject. The purpose was to come up with a comment, a product, a provocation something that could somehow challenge the selfie culture and turn the focus around. That resulted in a wide variety of projects from actual products to campaigns.

Northside Entrance

A multidisciplinary project where we have outlined entrances to the music festival Northside.

Bags of leather

Assignment: Design a bag/container made of leather, which is capable of holding something essential and can be carried close to the body.

The Knives

Furniture, Interior & Produkt Design has been making new knives together with designer Rikard Zetterlund

Let there be Light

…and there was light

Wall Papers

Wall paper patterns inspired by the Dutch design movement named “De Stijl”


This is what a mobile municipality office looks like, when the Furniture, interior and product design students explore citizen involvement and design interior in a 40 foot container.

The Black Shoe

Fashion and textile design has been collaborating with Furniture, interior and product design about designing a new shoe in black leather.

High Street

Eight new flagship stores for different brands.

The assigned brands were: Versace, Camper, Ralph Lauren, Adidas Originals, Rick Owens, Cos, Hermés og Marni


This autumns intro assignment was an exercise in wood as robot..!

Guns & Ammo

The Department of Furniture, Interior & Product Design has been making handguns.

Why? – who knows, but it is a good way of working with ergonomics and practicing model techniques


The Department of Furniture, Interior and Product design have been visited by the two industriel designers- Brian Frandsen  og Rikard Zetterlund – who made a workshop on brand analysis, customer segmenting and rebranding.

Rest In Peace?

In a collaboration between Furniture, interior and product design and Graphic design the students have worked on designing new funeral rituals. Content, style, function, identity and the ritual itself had to be taken into consideration. A week with long and good discussions about life, death and all the the rest.


A happening with design and building of animals in wooden sticks. In the cover of night these models were placed in front of Randers Rainforest as a fleeing pack of animals

The Cave of Plato

“Fashion and textile design” and “Furniture, interior and product design” have worked together in making alternative spatial forms on bodies


By combining our mutual interest for technical drawing, model making and animal dissection, we have create entire new species of animalz

AP Nest

Four by fours, screws, models, catwalks and hot dogs… just another week at DSD

Admission assignment
Schools of Design 2013

Every year some of the students at Architecture and Product Design apply to get into the Danish Design Schools. This year’s theme was “Change”.