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Fashion & Textile Design

Getting dressed
and dressing up
tells a story

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You will work with your ideas and creativity and learn how to improve them further through research and analysis. You will be challenged to find your own way of working and refine your style. You will do inspirational mood boards and collages and experiments with shape, materials and colour in order to develop your own textiles, garments and collections.

When creating the actual fashion designs you will learn pattern cutting, draping and basic sewing techniques.
Within the field of textile design, you will work with development of patterns, silk screen printing techniques and how to manipulate fabrics.

And finally you will learn how to present your work visually in sketches and fashion illustrations.

Come on in

Learn more about what to expect if you choose Fashion & Textile Design as your main subject.

Shoeeeees – no 1.

Our wonderful, humorous and colourful offer on the new Spring Collection 2018 or 2022, of shoe´s.

Why is the back often very boring?

We have been made “selfportrait”. Printed it on nice brown silk in 3 or 4 collars. We are gonna use it later for another assig

(Danish) Styling af HIJAB

PASSPORT photo contra FASHION photo.

Artistic rendering of a HIJAB.

A knitted project by machine and hand.

(Danish) bæredygtighed

there is a lot of ways for thinking or work  “sustainability”, we didn’t use much electricity this week, we worked only by hand.

We had a great visit from a French designer, Julie Bourgeois “ TATACHRISTIANE”, placed in Berlin.

The concept was: permaculture applied to fashion.

Black and white

How many graphic composition can you make out of three shapes, a circle, a square and a triangle? I can tell, we do not know!

Stripes, stripes and more stripes

6 days, 3 techniques and 3 styles!

Your First Memory of a Jacket

A week filled with memories of our childhood. We have been working with textile experiments and collection building.

The Body is our World

This week we got invited into Shingo Sato’s world.
A strange world where we worked with transformations and reconstructions.

Body Noise

How can we make noise without making sounds?

Here is a collection of outfits that makes visuel noise, made of colours, textile techniques and contrast.

Should we be the same?

We have been working with differences and contrasts. Plastic surgery, beauty ikons and ”right to life”. It all ended up with an outfit for the individual body.

Wrap a Stone

One week with needles, needles, fabric and needles.

Ready to wear

Sporty, cut and sew, volume, Y-3 was a part of the inspirational words this week.

Zero Waste

How to make a ”ready to wear” item out of 1,5 meters of fabric using as much as possible.

African beauty

Taking inspiration from Africa’s sophisticated jewellery, dresses, and masks, we made new prints.

A festival is a happy place…

The students at the Fashion and Textile department have worked with character design in collaboration with Bas Kosters . They have given life to new Northtypes, who will spread joy at the Northside Festival 2015.

Home Assignment from the Schools of Design

As normal, a lot of our students made the home assignment to the Schools of Design in Denmark.

The theme was this year ”Journey” and ”Mash-up”. Here is a mixed bag of the solutions.

Who am I…

… as a designer?
It’ a tough question to answer – luckily we had Bas Kosters coming in from Amsterdam to help.

Swap Cities

After a week of manipulating photo maps of cities, everyone made skirts with prints of f.ex. Oslo, Reykjavik, Copenhagen.