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Architecture & Urban Design

No matter whether you are designing
tiny sheds or great buildings,
the way of designing is the same

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No matter if you are designing tiny sheds or great buildings, the way of designing is the same – that’s why we focus on the methods rather than the products.
We will teach you some practical skills, that helps you develop your fantastic ideas, while you get to know a lot about modern architecture and design. You will learn how to visualise your ideas both in hand drawn sketches and using a computer, and you will get the opportunity of working with different materials, techniques and tools. So whether you’re a drawing genius, computer wizard or just simply likes to cut things into pieces, you will feel at home.

Come on in

Learn more about what to expect if you choose Architecture & Urban Design as your main subject.

Choo Choo

Architecture & Urban Design has together with Furniture, Interior & Product Design been on a epic train journey into a parallel Univers

Architectons Along the Water

With inspiration in changes in the cityscape of Randers we have made architectural installations and the exhibition, Architectons Along the Water. The exhibition aims to create renewed interest in the waterfront areas of Randers.

Human Extensions

We perceive the space around us in relation to our own body, so we have experimented with additions to the human body.

DSD Is More

With focus on sketching in plan drawings we have designed an addition to the school in the form of a multifunctional hostel.

Northside Entrance

A multidisciplinary project where we have outlined entrances to the music festival Northside.

Galerie Viertel

In the hip Berlin district “Prinzen Rolle Berg” will be built a new combined gallery and residential area, called Galerie Viertel.

Intro Project

How to work with concepts in architecture and space in foam, cardboard and wooden strips

Thread for Spatial Deed

We have been drawing to music from the band Mogwai. The drawings were transferred to 3D models in metal wire and veneer was added.

Speedy Gonzales – Autumn 2014

Small fast exercises as preparation for the admission test to the schools of architecture

Section in model

We have made cuts in our previous college projects to learn more about spacious contexts, structures and materials.

AO+ / college

How should a college be located and designed at an interesting plot in Randers? We have made some very interesting propositions.


Architecture and City Design has gone mad… and built a city from wood, card board and foam

Dopple Haus

The department of Architecture and urban design has completed what from now on is known as a “double row-house”

Bee a Hipster

An interdisciplinary project between MRP and AB. We have designed and built hives to our farm school neighbour. The task was carried out in collaboration with Swienty A/S, manufacturer of equipment for honey production (

Intro project

Interesting, positive forms through a variety of cuts in Styrofoam. Forms are ” inverted ” with a plaster cast and spatiality arises. Wooden strip constructions are added.

Northside light installations

Light installations designed and constructed for the local music festival Northside. The installations aimed to create atmosphere and attraction at daytime as well as night.

Admission test 2014 for The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)

Each year we have a group of Norwegian students who apply for The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Here is an example of this year’s admission test.

Admission assignment – Schools of Architecture 2014

This year’s admission test for the Danish Schools of Architecture

Over the Wall

As preparations for this years study trip to Berlin we have made new buildings on – and over – the Berlin Wall