Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole
Brusgårdsvej 25 DK-8960 Randers SØ
+45 8644 8044


Meet the
competent staff
of the school


Besides the permanent staff, as seen below, the school also engage several designers, architects and artists, who teach optional subjects, during some of the weekends and at the design departments.

K. Torben Rasmussen
The school principal


Mette Grønning
Graphic design

Educated at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, specialising in visual communication. Loves short films. A brilliant storyteller. And gastronome.

Kåre Birk
Furniture, interior and product design

Industrial designer graduated from The school of Architecture in Aarhus in 2000. Has previously worked at design agencies, as an independent design consultant and lately as a teacher and Head of Industrial Design at Kolding School of Design.
Besides designing, making and drawing things Kåre’s interests includes viking battle reenactment and putting words in rhyme – although not at the same time.

Nina Born
Fashion and Textile Design

Uddannet tekstildesigner fra Royal College of Art i London. Nina har efterfølgende arbejdet som designer ved H&M samt Kit Couture og har dertil gæsteundervist på bl.a Kolding Designskole og Textilskolen i Holte. Nina elsker at arbejde eksperimenterende med alle slags materialer og at undersøge grænserne for hvad tekstil kan være – hvadenten det er i form af kostumer, skulpturer, eller fiktiv mad. Ninas store passion er at strikke og der går ikke en dag uden at hun har et par strikkepinde imellem hænderne imens der lyttes til podcasts fra hele verden.

Mette Styrbæk
Fashion and textile design

Clothing designer, graduated from Kolding School of Design. Speaks quickly and with a dialect. Fond of colours and modern art.

Anne Remien
Fashion and textile design

After a short romance with the commercial industri Anne has worked at The Scandinavian Design College since she took her degree as an MA in Design (Fashiondesign) from KADK in 2011. Anne feels happy doing things with her hands – either, sewing, painting or gardening. She is able to work with many projects at the same time and all her ideas stand in line. When Anne once finds the right balance between minimalism and maximalism she is ready to retire. Concurrently she is building up her flea-market-collection ‘Everything Under the Sun’.

René Thorup Kristensen
Architecture and urban design

Architect M.A.A. Graduated 2004 from Aarhus School of Architecture. Since then he has worked as an architect in different Aarhus design studios. During his study he started the company Tembo Architecture. In the beginning Tembo produced only models but the firm has now developed into real house building. René’s favourite room is the kitchen and his food intake is burnt while enjoying the drug of sport exercising, rugby (probably the best sport in the world).

Lars Villumsen
Architecture and urban design plus furniture, interior and product design

Architect M.A.A. Graduated 2003 from Aarhus School of Architecture. Own company with focus ranging from standard architectural tasks to interior design. Characteristics: Black belt in table football, a low baritone and a frustrated relationship with the local football-team.

Kitchen staff

The kitchen's dream-team prepares traditional Danish dishes and meals from cuisine traditions around the world.

Heidi Lahn
Vice-principal and Head of Kitchen

Educated kitchen officer. Grew up with food and a sense for quality and good raw materials. Bold masculine-style sense of humour. Responsible for the school's good food and eco-friendly profile.

Karen Marie Borup Obsen
Assistant kitchen head

Educated and lots of experience within the field of good folk high school cuisine.

Nicholine Wibe Sørensen
School chef

Nicholine is the school chef and has previously worked at different restaurants. She’s a master of tapas because she’s also worked in Spain for half a year.

Susanne Hvid Christensen
Kitchen assistant and always full of fun

Loves to experiment, and luckily, often with success.

Helle Knudsen
Cleaning assistant

You will meet Helle humming and singing around the school while swinging a duster and a big smile. She will make sure there’s coffee, tea and clean floors for everybody.


Our caretakers slave around the clock to keep the school's buildings, grounds - and even, on occasion, staff vehicles - in tip-top shape.

Mogens Højte Nielsen
Head caretaker

The school’s omnipresent man of all work. Keeps a sharp eye on our heating bills.

Kristoffer Laursen

Our very own industrial technician. Kristoffer can be found around the school fixing thing. Or in Randers with a camera around his neck and a bunch of photo interested students in tow. Or spotted running in his military gear, when preparing for another game of Hardball.


If you want to contact one of the instructors or other school staff, call +45 8644 8044 or send us a mail at and specify who your question is to. The office is open every day from 8 am. to 3.30 pm..

Janne Klitgaard
School secretary

Janne is the school secretary. She’s answering the phone, the registrations and the mails you might send us.

Jørgen Schmidt Nielsen
The school's manager

Trained as accountant. Has worked several years in Greenland as business manager. Humorist with a weakness for single malt whisky, the school kitchen and Icelandic horses.

Nanna Kopp Hansen
PR & Marketing

Bachelorgrad i Kommunikationsdesign (grafisk design, interaktionsdesign og illustration) fra Designskolen Kolding.

For 5 år siden var Nanna selv højskoleelev på Grafisk Design-linjen (og kort på Mode & tekstil-linjen). Det var her interessen for design opstod, som siden har udviklet sig til en passion for grafisk design og typografi. Før opholdet på højskolen var planen ellers at læse matematik, men den blev hurtigt ændret efter design verden blev opdaget. Efter højskoleopholdet var hun også et år på Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole i København, før hun startede på Designskolen Kolding.